Who Invented Mewing?

Recent years have seen mewing, a facial exercise, gain a lot of attention as a way to improve your facial structure. But who invented mewing? This article will explore the history of mewing, who created it, and how you can learn more about it.

The inventor of mewing is Dr. John Mew, but the popularity and success of mewing was from Mike Mew. This father & son duo worked ardently in order to bring mewing into the spotlight.

What is Mewing?

Popularized in around 2020, people can improve their facial structure through the mewing technique.

This technique involves placing the tongue on the roof of the mouth, pushing it up against the upper palate, and holding it for as long as possible.

People can use this technique throughout the day or for a few minutes.

Mewing can counteract detrimental habits such as poor posture and mouth breathing, which can disrupt healthy face growth.

Holding your tongue in the correct position can make you seem more attractive and improve your breathing and sleeping issues.

It also enhances your face’s shape and makes it look more symmetrical.

incorrect mewing vs correct mewing

History of Mewing

The history of mewing goes back to the 1970s when British orthodontist Dr. John Mew began researching the effects of tongue posture on facial structure.

He was the first to discover that the tongue significantly impacts the shape of the face and jaw.

Dr. Mew developed a technique called “orthotropics,” which focused on correctly positioning the tongue to correct facial structure.

He believed that the tongue should be held against the roof of the mouth.

Dr. Mew’s teachings were passed down to his son, Dr. Mike Mew, who has become the leading advocate of mewing in recent years.

Dr. Mike Mew has been instrumental in popularizing mewing and has been credited with helping to make it a mainstream practice.

Who Invented Mewing?

The inventor of mewing is Dr. John Mew, who developed the technique in the late 1900s.

He was the first to discover the impact that the tongue can have on facial structure and developed a method called “orthotropics” to correct facial structure.

Dr. Mew’s son, Dr. Mike Mew, has become the leading advocate for mewing in recent years. He has been instrumental in popularizing the practice and has written extensively about it.

Dr. Mike Mew is credited to be the person to popularize mewing as a whole.

Mike Mew provides descriptive guides on how to mew correctly, along with responding to commonly associated issues.

If you’re interested in learning more about mewing directly from Mike Mew. You can visit the Orthotropics channel.

picture of Mike Mew

Mike Mew and his Contributions to Mewing

Dr. Mike Mew is an exceedingly esteemed British orthodontist and researcher who has ardently studied facial growth and development for two decades.

Dr. Mew has written several books on the subject of mewing.

His book Orthotropics: A New Approach to Facial and Dentofacial Orthopedics is a comprehensive guide to the principles behind facial growth and development and will help with a complete understanding of the technique.

He also wrote an article on mewing for Dental Update magazine, which was instrumental in bringing this technique to mainstream media attention.

While Dr. Mike Mew isn’t the founder of mewing, he definitely was the most crucial factor in making mewing what it is today!

Dr. Mew also runs an online course called “The Mewing Course,” which teaches people how to correctly perform mewing exercises for maximum results.

This course is highly recommended for anyone interested in learning more about mewing or improving their facial features through proper posture and exercise techniques.

Finally, Dr. Mew has been featured in multiple news outlets discussing his work with mewing and how it can help improve facial features over time with consistent effort.

By popularizing this technique through media coverage, he has helped countless people become more confident in their appearance by improving their face shape naturally without resorting to surgery or other more drastic measures.

Resources for Learning More about Mewing

If you’re interested in learning more about mewing, several resources are available. Dr. Mike Mew’s website and YouTube channel are great for starting, as they provide educational videos and tutorials. 

You can also find many online communities dedicated to mewing, where people share their progress and results. These communities can provide support and guidance to those just beginning their mewing journey.


Dr. John Mew and Dr. Mike Mew have been instrumental in popularizing mewing and have created educational resources to help people learn more about it. He has also been involved in research studies examining the effects of mewing on facial structure.

Mewing can be a great way to improve your facial structure and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. If you’re interested in giving it a try, plenty of resources are available to help you get started.

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