Where To Find Professional Guidance For Mewing

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In the world of mewing, there are lots of uncertainces, thousands of people saying one thing, and others saying the other.

The unfortunate truth is, is that mewing lacks actual professionals.

This leads many beginner mewers into a rabbit hole of dilemmas, which is very stressful.

Luckily, there are some trained professionals, but not too many..

✔️You can find professional guidance very sparsely across the world, there is only a select handful of trained orthotropic practitioners and it may be difficult to reach out to one.

What are Orthotropic Practitioners?

The name “orthotropic practitioner” is another way of saying mewing experts, they practice the branch of orthodontics, called orthotropics which is the study of oral posture & exercises (like mewing) and their effects on the craniofacial structure.

The founder of mewing, Mike Mew, is one of the most widely known orthotropic practitioners. This is mainly due to his “invention” of mewing which became popular among many.

Mike Mew has mentioned his encounters with his patients, and his multiple success in guiding their facial structure into the right direction.

That being said, there are many other practitioners past Mike Mew who are just as equally knowledgeable in this field.

Where Can I Find Orthotropic Practitioners?

Orthotropic practitioners are all over the world, there just aren’t many.

Most of these practitioners reside in the US, with only one or two practitioners in certain areas outside the US.

However, if you are determined to find an orthotropic practitioner to help you elevate your facial structure. There are some websites with the contact info & location of many practitioners.

  1. IAFFG: Also known as the International Association of Facial Growth Guidance, is one of the websites that provides useful, in-depth information about practitioners.
  2. NAAFO: The NAAFO, which is short for the “North American Association of Orthotropics” shows the location of many practitioners, mainly the USA.

Other Ways To Get “Expert” Information

If you can’t get an orthotropic practitioner no matter how hard you try, where else can you get information?

Well, there are many various sources that provide great advice.

The first ones are online communities such as reddit or looksmaxxing. While online communities aren’t actually trained in the field of orthotropics, you can still find great results from searching around in these communities.

Many people on the internet like criticizing things, and this community is no exception. Wrong advice will be called out by people who’ve studied orthotropics, which can help you avoid misinformation.

It is recommended to be cautious when browsing these types of communities, because what a random person online is saying could be completely wrong.

The second way is to watch Youtube videos.

While this is arguably one of the least credible ways to get your information, it can be still be very useful if done correctly.

There are actual professional “orthotropic” practitioners who own YouTube channel and share there knowledge online.

Try to avoid health or fitness gurus that try to sell you products, since they won’t give you reliable advice.

The third is to read articles

Finding the right mewing blog can provide reliable, step-by-step guidance for each step of the way.

It is important to note that many blogs try to sell you products and spread misinformation, so it’s important to have a basic understanding of what mewing is.


It’s not easy finding “expert” advice on mewing, but the effects of it are profound.

While you may not be able to seek help from the orthotropic practitioners at the top of their field, you can still dig online and find equally valuable information.

So, whether or not you can or can’t find professional guidance, you should always be mewing and strive to improve.

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