What is the McKenzie Chin Tuck & How To Do It

The McKenzie chin tuck is a orthotopic exercise that involves pushing your chin in and your head upwards to stretch

This article will cover everything you need to know about this miraculous exercise. Let’s get started!

What is the McKenzie Chin Tuck?

The McKenzie chin tuck is an exercise developed by McKenzie (first name is unknown), a physiotherapist aiming to fix the incorrect posture caused by a forward neck which happens during sitting and/or staring at technology.

This exercise was popularized by Mike Mew on his Orthotropic channel. Mike Mew claims that this exercise will correct forward head posture, which is also essential for mewing.

The McKenzie Chin Tuck aims to stretch the back of the head and neck, along with shifting the head back into a more healthy posture. It is described as ‘getting as many double chins’ as possible. We’ll get more into this later.

Here is a step-by-step video guide created by Mike Mew’s video. This will help you gain an extra understanding of the chin tuck:

a video by Mike Mew, on the Orthotropic channel.

How To Do The McKenzie Chin Tuck

  • First (optional): Stand straight against a wall but don’t try to get your shoulders against the walls, and slightly move your feet forward. You should feel the upper back of the head touching the wall.
  • Second: Push your head and chin back, Mike Mew describes this as “trying to make as much double chins as possible. It is also advised to use paper and try to slide it up the wall. Essentially, you want to try to raise the back of your head as high as possible. Make sure that while you’re nodding, the back of your head is being pushed up.
  • Third: Mike Mew advises that you repeat this exercise for 20 reps, and optionally you can do more sets. Try and make the last 3-5 reps in a hold position for about 5 seconds.

If you’re having trouble understanding this simple guide, you can watch the above video by Mike Mew. While Mike Mew does have a tendency to talk more monotonously, it will surely give you the information you need.

What Are The Benefits of The McKenzie Chin Tuck?

The main goal of the McKenzie chin tuck is to correct bad posture and a forward neck which is caused by our modern habits and the rise in sitting for prolonged periods of time. This exercise gradually pushes your head back and will also loosen the muscles of your neck and make you less stiff.

While the benefits of the McKenzie Chin Tuck are good. They become more effective when paired with mewing. Many people make the common mistake of overlooking other aspects of Orthotropics. This is because mewing requires good neck posture so that your tongue can generate more force which leads to significant changes.

The benefits of the McKenzie Chin Tuck are also more energy, better moods, less headaches, and essentially all the benefits that are paired with good posture.

Should You Do The McKenzie Chin Tuck?

Well, I wouldn’t make an entire article reciting all the astounding benefits just to say not to!

The McKenzie Chin Tuck is an exercise you need to incorporate into your day-to-day life. It’s especially beneficial if you find yourself sitting or using technology a lot!

The McKenzie Chin Tuck is also crucial for the effectiveness of mewing, which has an array of its own benefits.


The McKenzie Chin Tuck isn’t a very popularized exercise. However, it is very important.

You should definitely incorporate this exercise into your routine, alongside mewing and other healthy habits!

Mike Mew also advises to try to do this exercise during your mealtime, video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2IbjHQOdWY&t=0s

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