Should Your Teeth Touch When Mewing?‍

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Many people, including me, have wondered which is better; teeth touching or apart?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll be going over whether your teeth should be touching or not by connecting the dots and analyzing Mike Mew’s posts regarding teeth positions.

Your teeth should be very lightly touching or slightly apart. Both ways have been confirmed to be correct, according to Mike Mew. This can vary depending on the shape of your palate, teeth, and skull.

What Is Mewing?

Mewing is a technique developed by British orthodontist Dr. Mike Mew. It’s a simple exercise that involves pushing your tongue to the roof of the mouth and keeping it there. This puts pressure on the palate, which eventually reshapes the face. It can also help you get a better jawline and a more symmetrical facial profile.

The idea behind mewing is that the way you position your tongue and teeth can affect the shape of your face. In fact, Dr. Mew believes that the shape of your face is determined by how you use your tongue and teeth. So, if you want to get a better jawline, you need to make sure that your teeth are in the right position.

Teeth Touching: Yes or No?

You should have your teeth lightly touching or very slightly apart.

In this video, Mike Mew explains why your teeth shouldn’t be wide apart. He suggests lightly touching your back teeth together and your front teeth slightly apart. Your upper front teeth should be overlapping your bottom front teeth, you may experience light contact or no contact at all. These are both correct.

How to Correctly Position Your Teeth

Now that you know whether your teeth should be touching or not when mewing, it’s essential to understand how to position your teeth correctly. The key is to ensure your teeth are lightly touching, but not too much.

You don’t want to be clenching your teeth together but rather pulling them up into place. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but over time it becomes natural.

To get the right teeth position, start by pushing your tongue to the roof of your mouth and lightly touching your teeth together.

Ensure that your back teeth are in light contact with each other and that your masseter muscles aren’t engaged.

However, it may be hard not to engage masseters when beginning, so try to reduce clenching slowly over time.

Commonly Asked Questions

Should my canines be touching?

Yes, your canines should be touching.

Your bottom canine teeth should be directly under your upper canine teeth.

However, it’s different from person to person. You may have your back teeth touching and not feel your canines touching, which is still correct. If your canines stop you from touching your teeth no matter what, it is either because of incorrect tongue posture or mouth shape.

Keeping your teeth slightly apart will still allow for significant results!

I feel my tongue pushing my back teeth!

It’s okay for your tongue to be pushing against your back teeth.

This happens when the palate is too narrow. If you have this issue, keep continuing to mew; eventually, your palate will widen enough.

I can’t touch my teeth unless I pull my jaw back!

This is a common issue for many.

To solve this issue, you need to look at the concept of teeth while mewing. Your teeth should be touching because you’re pushing your tongue up against your entire palate.

If your tongue isn’t “pulling” your bottom jaw into your top jaw, then you aren’t pushing your tongue against your entire palate. Once you learn the correct tongue posture, your teeth should naturally be touching without any uncomfortable pulling or pushing.

But there are always exceptions! If your teeth can’t touch, no matter what you do, having your teeth slightly apart won’t hurt.

Touching my teeth is very uncomfortable.

Feeling discomfort when trying to develop a new habit is normal. Give it some time, and you’ll feel less and less discomfort.

You can try other alternatives if the discomfort turns to pain or doesn’t go away.

Why You Should Keep Your Teeth Lightly Touching

Keeping your teeth touching gently is important because it allows your tongue to generate more force, making mewing more effective.

Your tongue is actually connected to your lower jaw, so when you keep your teeth apart it makes your lower jaw hang.

Because your tongue is also trying to keep the lower jaw up, it won’t be able to produce enough force on the palate.


Mewing is a popular technique that can help you reshape your face and get a better jawline. But in order to get the best results, it’s important to make sure that your teeth are in the right position.

Keeping your teeth lightly touching when mewing is essential for getting the best results and preventing jaw discomfort and pain. So, make sure to follow the correct teeth position when mewing to get the best results.

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