Should You Mew All Day?

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In this blog post, we’ll explore the concept of mewing and discuss the benefits of mewing. We’ll also discuss the importance of mewing all day and the potential mistakes you can make. Let’s dive in!

You should be mewing all day. This will ensure that you not only get fast progress, but good results!

Should you Mew All Day?

The short answer is mostly yes. It would be best if you mewed as much as possible to see significant progress.

The amount of time you spend mewing will depend on your individual goals. If you want a more drastic change in your facial structure or more substantial improvement in your bite alignment, you must mew for long periods each day.

If you are looking for minor improvements or better posture, then shorter sessions of mewing will suffice. Consistency is critical when it comes to mewing, so it’s essential to set aside some time each day to practice this technique.

That said, the primary purpose of mewing is to remodel the bones. Without mewing continuously throughout the day, you won’t see significant changes.

Mewing is a long-term process that requires regular practice to see results. It’s crucial to mew consistently for at least six months before seeing changes. As with any exercise, consistency is key! The more you mew, the more likely you are to see results.

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The Importance of Mewing All Day

Mewing all day is essential for a few reasons. Firstly, it helps to ensure that your jaw muscles are properly relaxed and that your teeth and jawline are in the correct position. 

Secondly, mewing can help reduce the appearance of a recessed chin, maxilla, and much more.

Finally, mewing all day can help to improve your overall facial structure. By making sure your teeth and jawline are correctly aligned, you’ll be able to create a more symmetrical and balanced look.

Benefits of Mewing All Day

Mewing regularly can provide significant progress and results, especially in younger individuals. As individuals age, their bones become denser, and mewing may become less effective.

Therefore, it is important to maintain a consistent mewing routine to achieve the best possible results. Beginners should start by taking periodic breaks from mewing can help prevent strain on the jaw muscles and ensure that the mewing remains effective and beneficial.

How To Mew All Day

The first step into creating consistent mewing throughout the day is to change your mindset. The benefits of mewing entice many beginners to try it, but they eventually give up.

They don’t start with a long-term mindset that “yes, mewing is something that I will do for the rest of my life.”

While mewing is difficult at first (it will eventually become natural!), it gradually becomes more enjoyable.

Secondly, be mindful of your mewing. Many people make the fatal mistake of not constantly checking if they are mewing.

In most cases, people subconsciously stop mewing without realizing it. Try to add reminders on things you constantly use, such as your phone, computer, door, or wall.

Anything that keeps you in check will help greatly.

Third, use a suction hold and also apply other changes. Your posture, eating habits, and more can alter the effectiveness and difficulty of mewing.

To list some examples: bad posture, infantile swallow, hanging jaw, and snoring. These can all make mewing significantly less effective and more difficult.

Some good habits you need to reinforce are good posture, nose breathing (even in sleep!), adult swallowing, chewing, and suction hold.

Is Mewing All Day Hard?

Mewing all day is hard for most beginners.

But the longer you practice mewing, the easier it gets to mew for longer times.

You can also do certain exercises that strengthen the muscles involved with mewing, such as the masseters and tongue.

The first one is tongue chewing, which involves pushing gum onto the roof of your mouth to train your tongue and make it stronger.

Having a stronger tongue means you can hold it up onto the palate for long times without fatigue.

The second is chewing gum, this exercise is as the same suggests, you just chew gum. But for the purpose of mewing, you need to get a hard gum like mastic instead of your usual rubbery soft gum.

In general, mewing all day is difficult, it takes alot of time and dedication to train your body to mew all day.


Overall, mewing all day can be a great way to improve the look of your face and jawline. However, it’s important to remember that mewing is not a substitute for orthodontic treatment.

If you have a misaligned bite or a jaw that needs to be realigned, it’s best to seek professional help from an orthodontist or an orthotropics specialist.

Mewing can be a great way to improve the look of your face and jawline. So if you’re looking for a way to strengthen your jaw muscles and improve your overall facial structure, why not give mewing a try?

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