What Is Orthotropics?

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Orthotropics is a specialized approach that can bring about significant changes in a child’s facial growth and oral health. In this article, we delve into the details of orthotropic treatment, its purpose, process, and how it differs from traditional orthodontic treatment. Understanding the Concept of Orthotropics According to the North American Association of Facial Orthotropics, …

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What Is A Recessed Maxilla?

recessed maxilla and normal maxilla diagram

The position and development of the maxilla, which forms the upper jaw, play a crucial role in both facial aesthetics and function. A recessed maxilla, where the maxilla is set back more posteriorly in the face, can have a significant impact on how a person’s face appears and functions. How Recessed Maxilla affects Facial Aesthetics …

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How To Reduce Buccinators

Close-Up Photo of Girl Touching Her Cheeks

‍Chewing, swallowing, and drinking are actions we perform every day, often without giving them a second thought. However, the way we execute these simple activities can significantly affect our health, our appearance, and our well-being. Let’s go over what buccinators are, and what to do about them. What Is The Buccinator? The buccinator is a …

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