Does Mewing Improve Posture?

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Mewing has been gaining popularity over the years, with countless testimonials on its potential benefits. While mewing originally was known as a DIY method for enhanced facial attractiveness, it’s also been shown to have many beneficial effects on posture. The technique involves a conscious effort to ensure the tongue’s entire surface is pressed against the …

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Is Mewing Bad For You?

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Mewing, an exercise that has just blown up as a controversial DIY method to enhance your appearance, is a widely debated topic in the Orthodontic/Orthotropic communities. The lack of a conclusive answer might have left you wondering what is the true nature of mewing, is it dangerous or helpful? Well, mewing is not bad for …

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What Is Palatal Expansion?

In the realm of orthodontics, palatal expansion is a common treatment approach often associated with various oral health benefits. By widening the upper jaw, orthodontists can address various dental issues, including teeth overcrowding and misalignment. This article aims to provide an in-depth understanding of palatal expansion, its importance, and how it works. The Concept of …

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