How To Add Mewing Into Your Daily Routine

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There’s a high probability that you’ve already heard of the concept of mewing.

This oral posture technique has been gaining prominence for its potential to enhance facial aesthetics and deliver other health benefits.

But, is making mewing a habit as straightforward as it sounds?

How can we incorporate this habit into our daily lives?

Let’s examine these questions and more in our comprehensive exploration below!

Understanding Mewing

Mewing, in simplest terms, refers to the practice of maintaining the correct tongue posture.

By positioning your tongue correctly, you could potentially enhance your facial features, bolster your tongue muscle, and harvest several other health benefits.

But, the efficacy of mewing lies in making it a daily habit, which is often the most challenging part.

Why Incorporate Mewing Into Your Daily Life?

Mewing isn’t a quick fix; its results may vary across individuals.

However, there are numerous reasons why you should engage in mewing and sustain this habit as long as possible.

Here are some reasons to consider:

Say Goodbye to Double Chin

Mewing has the potential to alter your double chin.

It’s noted for its effect on lessening the appearance of fat around your neck, often dubbed a double chin. However, this transformation doesn’t occur overnight.

You’ll need to stick to this technique consistently each day to notice improvements.

Refine Your Jawline

Mewing can potentially reshape your jawline.

When you press your tongue against the roof of your mouth, your posture begins to fix itself, one of the benefits of this is a stronger jawline.

In the long-term, mewing enhances the natural development of your face, leading to a more forward grown facial structure.

Enhance Your Sleep Quality

Contrary to popular belief, mewing can actually contribute to improving your sleep quality. Individuals suffering from sleep apnea and snoring can see various benefits.

Rework Your Facial Structure

When you master the correct tongue placement while mewing, you can expect noticeable changes in your facial structure after a few weeks. Mewing not only helps define your jawline but also lifts your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose, potentially elongating your face.

Is Constant Mewing Essential?

The ideal scenario would be to mew all day long, even during sleep, to expedite your results.

Mewing isn’t a quick fix, it’s a marathon which requires months – and even years of consistency for substantial results. The result of the effort is a permanently more attractive appearance.

That being said, the same logic applies to your day to day life. You need to dedicate most the day to mewing or you’ll see poor results.

There will be times where you’re unable to mew, and that’s okay!

As long as you have the intention of mewing all day, and end up mewing most the day, you’ll see great results.

To answer the question directly – yes it is.

Strategies for Forming a Mewing Habit

Forming a new habit is often a herculean task.

In the case of mewing, your tongue will likely involuntarily revert to its usual posture before you even realize it.

You can make this transition easier by using reminders, mobile notifications, alarms, or sticky notes.

Simply accepting the fact that you will mew for the rest of your life, will help greatly in keeping you motivated and mewing!

Along with that, having the intention every day to practice mewing will force your body to begin mewing as seamlessly as breathing.

Give yourself enough time and you’ll see yourself mewing subconsciously in no time.

Timeframe for Mewing to Become Habitual

The time it takes for mewing to become a habit varies greatly among individuals.

However, if you’re mewing for most the day, you’ll likely see mewing becoming habitual in 1-2 weeks.

If you treat mewing like an exercise and only do 30 minutes a day, the time it will take for mewing to be habitual will be months or even years.

The timeframe of which mewing becomes a habit depends on how much time to you dedicate to mewing, the effort you put in determines the results you’ll see.

What If You Miss a Day of Mewing?

For many, mewing can become a habit within two weeks if practiced every day.

Missing a day is possible, the idea of mewing may slip your mind one day.

And that’s completely fine, just like with many of your long-term goals, 1 day isn’t enough to ruin your journey.

Start the next day with a purpose of mewing and you’ll be right on track!

To avoid this even happening in the first place, you should set mewing reminders so you’ll be more consistent throughout the day.

As long as you’re consistent with your mewing technique, results will arrive eventually.

Even if you miss a day, you can simply pick up where you left off the next day, though it’s best to keep these gaps minimal.

Consistency: The Key to Mewing Success

When it comes to mewing, consistency is paramount. The most common mistake people make is inconsistent mewing or mewing for only a few minutes or hours.

If you think of mewing as an exercise, then it’s only natural for you to treat it like one.

However, mewing is a lifestyle, it should be something that’s just as natural as breathing.

Being consistent throughout the day will train your body to treat it as a natural mechanism, like breathing, and you’ll soon not even have to think about mewing to mew.

The Fastest Route to Mewing Results

Mewing is a lifelong practice that will yield visible results over time.

However, if you wish to accelerate the process, consider seeking assistance from a dentist specializing in orthotropics.

They can guide you with removable expanders and other non-invasive interventions, as well as advise you on potential surgical options if necessary.

For those who prefer a more natural approach, incorporating jaw strengthening exercises into their mewing routine can help.

Chewing hard substances like Falim gum can provide a good workout for your jaw muscles. Just remember, balance is key. Overdoing it can lead to jaw damage.


While there’s no fixed duration for mewing, it’s recommended to mew for at least a few hours daily. As you progress, you’ll become more conscious of your practice and start mewing automatically.

So, whether you choose hard mewing or soft mewing, the benefits will come as long as you keep practicing daily and maintain proper tongue posture

Remember, the journey to perfect mewing is a marathon, not a sprint. All it requires is commitment, consistency, and patience. Happy Mewing!

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