Does Pulling Teeth Change Your Face?

Facepulling, which is different from intraoral face pulling, is a technique where (as the name implies) you pull your teeth. This is usually done with a tough material you bite down upon and pull forward.

There is anecdotal evidence that face pulling has similar effects as mewing in that it creates a more attractive appearance and promotes forward growth. However, this is still a controversial topic that hasn’t been thoroughly researched.

Facepulling is not recommended because it lacks empirical and anecdotal evidence to support it. However, this does not necessarily mean it doesn’t work, but it most likely doesn’t.

What is Facepulling?

Facepulling is a newly discovered technique that claims to be similar to techniques like mewing. The face-pulling community claims that it will improve your side profile by increasing forward growth by fixing common problems like a recessed chin, maxilla, and other features that lead to a flat-looking face.

The concept of face-pulling is based on our old ancestors, who showed ideal features like a broad palate and forward-grown faces, and the effects of their diets which consisted of hard tough food like meat, nuts, and other paleo-related foods. This is a sharp contrast from our soft processed diets, which have been shown to promote abnormal development.

Currently, there is little to no evidence. Like many niche facial techniques, it’s essential to do your research and make sure that what you’re doing is not harmful.

What Does Face Pulling Do?

Face-pulling brings the face forward, leading to a more attractive profile and overall facial structure. It is also linked with palatal expansion, which has its own variety of benefits.

Palatal expansion can help to correct an overbite, allowing for a better bite and improved speech. It can also lead to improved breathing, as well as relief from snoring and sleep apnea. Face-pulling claims to help reduce headaches, improve jaw alignment, and reduce TMJ pain.

Essentially, face pulling is quite similar in it’s nature as a DIY oral exercise that promises to change the facial structure. However, this is only what they claim.

In general, face pulling is a very unresearched topic, and it’s highly likely that it has no real benefit and can be quite dangerous.

Does Pulling Your Teeth Change Your Face?

Pulling your teeth most likely will not work. This is not to be mistaken for interoral face-pulling or thumbpulling, which has more evidence behind it. While the concept of pulling your teeth seems straightforward, there are much more factors that go into your face shape than just applying forward pressure.

Since most of the pressure is being applied to the teeth, it is more likely that pulling your teeth will have a negative impact on your overall appearance by forcing your teeth outwards.

However, many proponents claim that teeth pulling does, in fact, work. If you want to try face-pulling out for yourself, this is a step-by-step video that you can watch:


Overall, teeth pulling/face pulling is something that you need to try out for yourself to see if it works. If you’re not seeing the results from mewing, something more extreme may be beneficial.

In terms of evidence or effectiveness, teeth pulling is severely lacking in its resources. Different techniques work better for various face types, so this may be for you.