Does Mewing Give You Hooded Eyes?

As someone who has been practicing mewing for a while, I have come across a lot of questions regarding its effects on the face. One question that is frequently asked is whether mewing can cause hooded eyes.

I decided to do some research on this topic and share my findings with you.

What are Hooded Eyes?

Hooded eyes are when excess skin folds down from the brow line. Hooded eyes can be associated with age, genetics, and facial structure.

While at first, hooded eyes can seem like an unwanted feature. They are actually very important in creating an attractive eye area. More specifically, they help create an eye shape called “hunter’s eyes,” Which is commonly known as the most attractive eye shape for a man.

Hooded eyes also add a little mystery to the eye area and can make it look larger than it actually is, which helps create an illusion of depth and definition.

Overall, hooded eyes are a sought-after feature that adds mystery and attractiveness to your look.

How Does Mewing Effect Hooded Eyes?

Many claim that mewing can cause hooded eyes by reforming the facial structure into a more attractive shape.

Mewing has become a popular topic on social media, with many people claiming that it changed their eye area and gave them better-looking features.

While this may be true for some, it is important to note that no scientific research has been conducted to prove the effectiveness of mewing in changing the eye area.

Can Mewing Cause Hooded Eyes?

Contrary to many misconceptions, mewing does not have any effect on the eye area. While mewing can have extraordinary effects on facial structure, it mainly targets the lower jaw and midface.

However, there is one exception to this rule. Some people have reported that their eyes appear to be more open and brighter after mewing for extended periods of time.

This phenomenon is likely due to the fact that when the lower jaw is aligned properly, it creates a better balance between the upper and lower faces, which can lead to an overall more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Additionally, when mewing correctly, it can also help improve posture, which may lead to an increase in facial attractiveness.

If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your eyes, there are other methods, such as eyelid surgery or eyebrow shaping.

In any case, mewing can be a great way to improve overall facial structure and posture, which can have a positive effect on overall attractiveness.


Are there any facial exercises that can cause hooded eyes? While it generally isn’t possible to achieve this, an exercise called “Bonesmashing” could enhance the eye area.

Bonesmashing claims you can remodel your facial structure by gently hitting certain features with a rigid object.

However, there is a divide in the mewing community, with some claiming that bone smashing works and some claiming it’s a dangerous fad.

As someone whose been researching and mewing for quite a while, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Will I never be able to achieve hooded eyes? Unfortunately, probably yes. Mewing started as a means to gradually remodel the facial bone.

However, many have blown the effects of mewing out of proportion. While mewing is still something that is very beneficial, it’s important to be realistic about the extent of mewing.

Many people, including me, have made the detrimental mistake of expecting mewing to completely remodel our face.

By doing that, you limit your potential and become more unsatisfied with the results you’re getting.

What are hunter’s eyes, and how do they relate to hooded eyes? Hunter’s eyes are said to be the most attractive eye shape for a man.

The term hunter eye is very popular in Looksmaxxing and the black pill community. All hunter’s eyes are hooded eyes, but not all hooded eyes are hunter’s eyes.

This means that hooded eyes are essential in creating hunter’s eyes.

Conclusion: Should You Try Mewing For Hooded Eyes?

You shouldn’t be mewing primarily for hooded eyes, there are countless other benefits. But, mewing has little to no effect on creating hooded eyes.

In conclusion, I would say, don’t try mewing for hooded eyes. But you should still try mewing for the other substantial benefits.

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