Does Mewing Change Cheekbones?

Mewing is a technique that involves placing the tongue in a specific position in the mouth to improve facial structure and breathing. But does mewing really change cheekbones?

In this article, I will explore the studies and research on mewing and cheekbones, common misconceptions about mewing and cheekbones, other factors that affect cheekbone appearance, and before and after photos of mewing results on cheekbones.

Mewing hasn’t shown any clinical evidence to change the cheekbones, but there is anecdotal evidence which suggests otherwise.

How Does Mewing Affect Cheekbones?

There have been a few studies conducted that show the relationship between mewing and how it changes the facial structure. Does it change cheekbones, though? Let’s take a look:

One study published in the Journal of Oral Rehabilitation in 2018 found that tongue posture can affect the position of the mandible and the maxilla, which are the bones that make up the lower and upper jaws. The study suggested that proper tongue posture could improve facial aesthetics and function.

However, there isn’t any clinical evidence for how mewing changes the cheekbones. The idea that mewing can change cheekbones is based on anecdotal evidence and before-and-after photos shared online by individuals who claim to have seen improvements in their facial structure through the practice of mewing.

It is important to note that mewing does keep the cheekbones from drooping.

Mewing Doesn’t Cause Bone To Grow

One of the biggest misconceptions about mewing is that it can cause bone growth. While tongue posture can potentially affect the position of the bones in the face, there is no evidence to suggest that mewing can cause bones to grow. Genetic factors, nutrition, and other environmental factors can only influence bones.

How this relates to cheekbones is that for your cheekbones to change, they have to grow or shrink in size & not position. Unlike a maxilla or jaw, cheekbones can’t be changed simply by slowly repositioning them.

Unfortunately, with that being said, there is a high possibility that mewing does not affect the cheekbones. While it may affect the general facial structure and potentially shift the cheekbones by doing so, it is highly unlikely.

There is a technique called “bone smashing” that requires you to hit certain parts of your face to promote bone growth, however, I wouldn’t recommend it by any means.

Other Factors that Affect Cheekbone Appearance

While mewing may potentially affect the position of the cheekbones, other factors can also affect their appearance. Genetics is one of the biggest factors that determine the shape and size of the cheekbones.

Age also plays a role, as the bones in the face lose volume and density over time, leading to a loss of facial structure.

Other lifestyle factors, such as diet and exercise, can also affect the appearance of the cheekbones. A healthy diet that includes adequate protein and nutrients can help support bone health and density.

Exercise can also help improve facial muscle tone and definition, which can enhance the appearance of the cheekbones.

Before and After Photos of Mewing Results on Cheekbones

While there is limited scientific evidence on the effects of mewing on cheekbones, there are many before-and-after photos shared online by individuals who claim to have seen improvements in their facial structure through the practice of mewing. These photos should be taken with a grain of salt, as they are not scientifically validated and can be influenced by lighting and camera angle.

before and after of reddit user HatOverall353, showing overall forward growth and significant cheekbone development
gradual mewing progression by Reddit user ThreeCamelToedSloth; in the first picture, you can see that her cheekbones barely extend past her eyes, but later her cheekbones extend past her eyes, shown in the last image
the width between the eye and side of the cheekbone has increased which shows cheekbone development.


While there is currently no scientific evidence to support the idea that mewing can change cheekbones specifically.

If you are interested in improving the appearance of your cheekbones or facial structure, it is important to consider all of the factors that can influence their appearance, including diet, exercise, and overall facial aesthetics.

While mewing may potentially be a helpful practice for some individuals, it should not be relied upon as the sole solution for improving the facial structure.

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