Do You Need Professional Guidance for Mewing?

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Mewing is a technique that involves proper tongue posture to help reshape your face and improve your overall health.

It’s well known as a DIY method to improve your facial structure.

But, how does professional guidance play a role?

✔️You do not need professional guidance for mewing due to it’s DIY nature and scarcity of trained experts.

Understanding the Concept of Mewing

Mewing, in a nutshell, is a technique that involves the correct positioning of the tongue against the roof of the mouth.

The term “mewing” was coined by Dr. John Mew, a British orthodontist who spent his career studying craniofacial development.

He proposed that maintaining the right tongue posture could potentially reshape the face, improve breathing, and promote better overall health.

How does it work?

The idea is simple: When your tongue is correctly positioned against the roof of your mouth, it exerts gentle, constant pressure.

This pressure, over time, can influence the shape of your face.

The changes are gradual and subtle, but numerous individuals claim to have experienced noticeable improvements in their facial aesthetics and, more importantly, their health.

But mewing isn’t just about vanity.

It’s about improving your quality of life. Proper tongue posture can potentially alleviate a range of health problems, from sleep apnea to chronic headaches.

It’s about more than just looking better; it’s about feeling better, too.

Is Professional Guidance Needed?

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No, you don’t need professional guidance to do mewing.

Mewing is a DIY (do it yourself) facial exercise that can be done anywhere at anytime. You don’t need to visit a professional to have the ability to mew.

That being said, will professional guidance help with your mewing journey?

Not really.

Unfortunately, the word “professional” and “mewing” don’t align with each other.

This is because most orthodontic and dental professionals will tell you that there isn’t enough evidence for mewing, so they claim that it is false and dangerous.

But, this simply isn’t true. There are multiple studies on the principles of mewing and how it affects the face in various positive ways.

Orthodontists and dentists also claim that having poor tongue posture and hanging your jaw will lead to unwanted, adenoid facial growth.

Many sources incorrectly claim that mewing is dangerous due to it’s ‘lack of evidence’ when not only are there multiple sources behind the principles of mewing, but this supposed lack of evidence still should not indicate that a certain technique is inherently dangerous.

Unfortunately, due to this stigma, many professionals don’t teach nor support the principles of mewing. However, there are a small handful who do.

Who Are Orthotropics Professionals?

Orthotropics is a branch of dentistry which aims to fix malocclusions through correcting oral & head posture.

These are the people you should be going to for professional mewing guidance.

Orthotropic practitioners are specifically trained in the principles of orthotropics, which also makes them experts in mewing.

However, the problem lies in their avaliability.

There are only a very select amount of orthotropic practitioners around the world, with a majority being located in North America and Europe.

Find an Orthotropist

Best Sources For Mewing

Now that you know that professional guidance isn’t very useful/or affordable for mewers, who should you go to?

Fortunately, there are various mewing communities with thousands of useful sources!

Mewing & Orthotropic Reddit Communities

These reddit communities both total over 50k+ each, with hundreds of members posting each day with questions, information, and solutions.

There are members with very in-depth knowledge regarding orthotropics and mewing, that give long-posts of very useful information that you can implement!

If you have a question, chances are that someone else had thought of it. Depending on how specific your question is, you can find hundreds of answers.

And if you can’t, you can make your own post.

In general, these two communities are the best resources out there right now.

The Orthotropics Youtube Channel

The Orthotropics Youtube Channel was founded by Mike Mew, the creator mewing himself.

So, you can kind of see why this is such a good way to get your information from.

Mike Mew makes videos about hundreds of topics about mewing, along with guides for other orthotropic techniques.

The only downside, is that his videos do not cover a wide array of certain topics but they do cover a lot of general points.

His videos can also be quite off-topic, but despite that there are many extremely valuable videos throughout the channel.


Choosing the correct professional guidance for mewing is beneficial, but it isn’t needed.

Mewing has always been a mainly DIY exercise that you adapt into your own body.

There are many useful sources you can use if you aren’t able to get an orthotropic practitioner, such as reddit and YouTube.

At the end of the day, as long as you’re mewing, you’ll see amazing progress!

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